For fans of the video game Portal 2, you will be pleased to hear that Move support will be included in the Portal 2 download on the PlayStation 3 for free this coming November 6th, according to developer Sixense. Sixense hopes to keep current fans happy while roping in new ones by releasing a level pack titled ‘In Motion’, where this PS3 exclusive DLC’s main focus would be to make full use of the motion gaming experience with PS Move, while introducing a fair number of new mechanics for Portal 2 fans – something that will keep the franchise fresh without looking as though it has been rehashed over and over again.

The Blu-Ray Portal 2 version will also be on the receiving end of a free patch that will deliver “a touch of the motion experience provided by Sixense.” Some of Sixense’s motion tech and features will include 1:1 control of objects, moving and reorienting placed portals, and scaling cubes. If you want to pick up the ‘In Motion’ DLC for Portal 2, it will set you back by just $9.99, although PS+ members will be eligible for a 30% discount during the November 6th launch. Will you be picking up the new Portal 2 In Motion DLC when it arrives early next week?

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