Fans of Portal 2, we are harbingers of good news – it seems that the Portal 2 In Motion DLC is now available over at PSN. The Portal 2 In Motion DLC is a campaign which was specially designed by our team at Sixense, where it fully intends to take advantage of the PlayStation Move controller. Chances are, downloading this DLC will see you enjoy a new kind of gaming experience, where it requires you to think out of the box as you and the PlayStation Move motion controller work as a team.

Sixense designed a trio of new motion mechanics for Portal 2 In Motion, and there was plenty of work done to tune the entire experience, making it feel as though it is a natural extension of your body right there on the screen. Touted as the “One-to-One” mechanic, players are able to manipulate objects as though they were held in the player’s own hand. You are now able to use One-to-One in order to change the object’s position and orientation simply by moving and rotating the Move controller.

Have you given Portal 2 In Motion DLC a go already, and if you have, how do you find your experience so far?

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