Your smartphone would truly deserve the “smart” moniker if it were to be able to tell just which body part, or more specifically, which part of your hand is touching the touchscreen display, don’t you think so? While that sounds rather impossible at first glance without the help of a camera and some complex algorithms, startup Qeexo has come up with a potentially revolutionary solution – by expanding the interaction between you and your touchscreen device through the introduction of a new dimension of touch, thanks to its FingerSense technology. FingerSense technology will rely on a tiny acoustic sensor that can measure vibrations, and actually “listen in” to how you touch the screen.

Just how does this small wonder work? Well, FingerSense technology will enhance touch interaction by enabling displays to know just how the finger is being used for input, and it can tell whether your fingertip, knuckle or nail is being called to action. Apart from that, it will obviously be able to handle stylus interaction as well, meaning you are able to perform various functions via FingerSense technology. For instance, touching it with a knuckle could result in a right click, and I believe we might see some interesting touch-based games that require dexterity and quick reflexes to boot.

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