The mini computer known as the Raspberry Pi has certainly been a boon to hobbyists, as they start to come up with different kinds of devices which require the heart of a computer, and yet will not break the bank for folks who indulge in a little bit of DIY projects. Well, the Raspberry Pi Model B has been around for some time already, and just in case you figure out that even that is too expensive for your tastes, along comes the Raspberry Pi Model A which will have a lower specifications list.

In fact, the official Raspberry Pi site did confirm for a fact that the first batch of Model A samples have started to roll off the production line. Obviously, there will be some stark differences between the Raspberry Pi Model A and the Raspberry Pi Model B, where the latter will come with a couple of USB ports and 512MB RAM in addition to Ethernet support, while the Raspberry Pi Model A sports only a single USB port, carries half the amount of RAM, and loses out on the Ethernet port. Would you be willing to trade those features to save $10 in the process and use that money to buy a meal? Expect these to go on sale online from 2013 onwards.

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