Hmmm, if you are a huge fan of survival horror games such as the Resident Evil series, then surely you would be interested to know that Resident Evil Revelations has already been listed for home consoles by the Korean ratings board (South Korea, that is, maybe the North has just received their shipment of SNES consoles by now). Assuming this listing is correct and is not in error in any way, then we are looking at the probability of a Nintendo 3DS game being ported over to the home based consoles – something which does not happen all too often.

NeoGAF users did leave their fair share of comments, touting that the certification process itself could probably have been a mistake, and that the game had already been rated for the 3DS. Apart from that, one should make a special mental note that the South Korean ratings board does have a history of leaking video game information earlier than normal. For the general masses, Resident Evil Revelations rolled out on the Nintendo 3DS in January this year.

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