I guess with Apple rolling out a larger 4” display with their iPhone 5, it is up to the developers of various apps to deliver app revamps that will accommodate this larger display. YouTube has been modified according to Google, and here we are with Microsoft’s Skype announcing that they will also be changing their Skype for iOS client to take full advantage of the entire iPhone 5’s more generous display. This latest update, according to the Skype Garage blog, mentioned, “We’ve seen your tweets, comments and app store reviews requesting screen compatibility with the iPhone 5, and we’ve addressed your requests. Today we have released a hotfix for Skype for iPhone; now you can enjoy Skype calling on the iPhone 5 in full screen glory!”

Not only that, the Skype 4.1.2 update will also feature some other anonymous bug fixes for the iOS port of Skype. All in all, things do look good for Skype on the iOS platform, and with this latest update, who are we to argue otherwise? I suppose those who spend plenty of time on Skype with their iPhones 5s will definitely appreciate the amount of work that had gone into the latest Skype update.

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