We’re pretty sure by now that many PS3 owners are sick and tired of hearing (we do read your comments!) about Skyrim DLCs that may or may not make it onto their consoles, and to be fair based on the tweets by Bethesda and Pete Hines, they have not exactly been positive, although in the latest tweet by Pete Hines, it looks like things could start looking up for PS3 Skyrim gamers. In response to a Twitter user over the lack of updates on the PS3, Hines replied by saying, “We continue to work on it. And content will be coming to PS3. Will give details when I have them.”

This is definitely a change from previous tweets which was basically Bethesda admitting that there were issues to be ironed out and that details will be shared when there were any to be had – this particular tweet actually says that content “will be coming” to the PS3! Before PS3 gamers get too excited, there is still the question remaining on WHEN said content will be arriving, but in the meantime hopefully some comfort can be taken in what can be described as being the most positive tweet yet by Bethesda/Pete Hines.

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