Last week we reported that Sony had confirmed that their brawler game, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, would be on the receiving end of DLCs in the future where the additional characters and levels will be added to the mix. Well the good news for gamers is that if you were wondering which new characters will be joining the case, Sony has revealed that two new characters will be added in the first DLC that will released next year. These two characters are Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmett Graves from Starhawk. According to Sony, these are what gamers can expect from either character:

In addition to the signature weapons you’ll remember from his duels with the Outcasts on Dust, Emmett’s playstyle will also utilize Starhawk’s unique “Build and Battle” system, calling down help from the sky.

Kat’s approach turns gravity on its head with some mind-bending new ways to move as she positions herself for her unique brand of aerial assault. Together, they make up one of the most original duos in All-Stars.

For fans of either character, we know it sucks that they will only be available next year, but the good news is that perhaps in celebration of their first DLC, Sony will be making these two characters for free during the first two weeks of the DLC’s availability. After that the characters will be locked to your account, which basically means you get to keep them forever! Once the two weeks are up we can only assume that you will have to pay for them although pricing was not specified. So, who else is pleased by this news?

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