There is nothing quite like a stylus to go along with your touchscreen device, especially if you want to get really, really productive without leaving smudges all over your display. I mean, playing the Nintendo DS when it first game out without the stylus was all passable, but your finger meant nothing when it came to games such as Trauma Center or Elite Beat Agents. Sony has come up with a new stylus which they have already filed a patent for, where it boasts of a roller design that relies on actuators to alter stylus tip resistance.

In a nutshell, this new haptic feedback stylus will not rely on the vibration method that majority of the other devices out there use, but rather, a “rolling contact ball gripping mechanism” located on the end of a stylus will use actuators so that it can increase or decrease the ball’s resistance to rolling, in essence making life easier (or harder) for the stylus to zip all over the display. We do wonder just how much the cost of such a stylus will be, and would it be that indispensable that folks are willing to fork out a (relatively) handsome amount for it?

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