Sony has just rolled out a spanking new firmware update for their Xperia Tablet S, which has been a tablet that saw better days when it was first introduced before it more or less faded into obscurity. This is going to be a minor firmware update, where it has been called as the ‘release6a’ firmware, taking up just 17MB of your download bandwidth. As for the kind of fixes that it offers, it is said to squash a few bugs here and there in addition to making sure that the VPN connection error will no longer be “in operation”, so to speak.

As for the Android firmware version, it will remain firmly entrenched in Ice Cream Sandwich territory, except that it will cite the Android 4.0.3 version number this time around, with a version 2.6 of the kernel. I guess you would be all right without applying this particular update, unless of course, you have suffered from VPN issues all this while.

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