So far Microsoft has been getting OEMs to build their Windows Phone devices, and with the announcement and launch of the Windows Surface tablet, there have been talks that suggests that Microsoft could be interested in making a Windows Phone device of their own in the future. Speaking at a tech event yesterday, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer confirmed that the company is looking into more hardware of their own, although he did not state explicitly at what sort of hardware we could be looking at.


“Do I anticipate that partners of ours will build the lion’s share of all Windows devices over the next five years? The answer is, absolutely […] With that said, it is absolutely clear that there is an innovation opportunity on the scene between hardware and software and that is a scene that must not go unexploited at all by Microsoft,”

Needless to say we can expect a Surface successor from Microsoft come 2013, but a possible Windows Phone device from Microsoft? From what we’ve seen in the Surface, a Microsoft-made Windows Phone device certainly sounds quite promising.

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