Now here’s a story “worth spreading.” TED, short for technology, entertainment and design, is announcing that it has reached one billion views on Tuesday, November 12th. The announcement is of course humbling, considering that in 2006, TED first started out by launching six videos, with a small team and with some help from partners. To celebrate the milestone, TED curator Chris Anderson asked some of the industry’s most influential people to make a playlist of their favorite TED talks.

Big names include Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and American actor and film director Ben Affleck. TED was founded in 1984 as a one-off event. It was not until the year 1990 when TED started its famous annual conference. “On Tuesday, Nov. 12, we’re celebrating a billion views across, YouTube, Netflix, iTunes, YouKu, radio and many more platforms. We may never know who watched the billionth TED Talk. It might have been you,” the company said.

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