Green seems to be the emphasis that many companies are going for these days, and if you’d like to do your part for the environment, then perhaps this biodegradable toothbrush could be a good place to start. After all we brush our teeth on a daily basis and several times as well, so a biodegradable toothbrush would make perfect sense. Dubbed the Bogobrush, this is an effort by North Dakota siblings Heather and John McDougall which has resulted in a toothbrush that they claim is 100% biodegradable.

The handle of the toothbrush itself is made from bamboo, giving it a sleek and “warm” look, while the bristles are made from biodegradable nylon. We’re not sure what they did or where they sourced their nylon, but on average nylon takes about 30-40 years to break down, so that’s something worth taking into consideration. The finer points aside, instead of throwing your toothbrush away when you’re done, all you’d need to do is bury it in your backyard and it will “safely return to earth”, or so they claim.

Not only is the Bogobrush biodegradable, but in an effort to get the word out and as a celebration of sorts of its launch, they have announced that by spending $10, you will essentially be buying two toothbrushes. One for yourself and one for someone in need. Granted $10 might seem pricey for a toothbrush, but you will be doing something good for someone else and the environment, all the while keeping your pearly whites, well, pearly!

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