Toys for kids these days are certainly starting to become more and more complex. In fact some kids get to play with tablets and smartphones while back in the day, owning the SEGA Game Gear made you the most popular kid in the entire school. That being said, the folks in Japan have cooked up an interactive soft toy by the name of Cocolo Bear, which lets the child play games, interact with it via an app installed in its smartphone “heart”. As sophisticated as this might sound, it’s essentially a speaker dock for your smartphone with added interactivity. One of the cool features is that when someone calls you, the mouth on the bear will move when the caller speakers, and will stop moving when the caller is silent. It’s a little creepy but we guess kids might find it fascinating. In any case it looks like it’s only available in Japan but check out its website if you’re so inclined. In the meantime you can see it in action in the video above.

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