A couple of days ago we reported that one of the reasons why ArenaNet was not extending their Shadow of the Mad King Halloween event was because they had another major content updated planned for the 15th of November. Some of you guys asked us what the update would contain and now we have an answer for you. ArenaNet has revealed that the next major content update would be called The Lost Shores and while the exact nature of the update remains somewhat a mystery, we can only guess that it has something to do with the sea – at least based on what we can see in the image above. However based on the description, it seems that The Lost Shores will be a world event that will supposedly change Tyria forever.

This world event will be taking place on the weekend of the update’s launch and will introduce a new island for players to explore. The update will also introduce a beta PvP map and a new dungeon that is expected to be different from before, in which the difficulty of the dungeon will increase as players descend further into it. Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? So, who’s looking forward to this update?

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