The Nokia Lumia 920 makes its way onto Amazon’s best seller charts

While Nokia might have had grand designs for the Nokia Lumia 800, the fact that it was a single-core handset with a small display and running on a not-so-popular platform certainly did not set it up to be a great competitor against the sea of Android and iOS devices. However with Windows Phone 8, Microsoft and their manufacturing partners have since introduced handsets with dual-core processors and larger displays and while this certainly might not measure up to newer Android handsets with quad-core processors and displays over 5”, it definitely helps make these new Windows Phone 8 devices a lot more attractive.

If you’re wondering just how well the Nokia Lumia 920 is doing for itself, it seems that if you were to take a look at Amazon’s Best Seller charts, you will notice that Nokia’s Lumia 920 takes up a fair chunk of it (thanks to its variety of colors). Of course we are looking at a list of AT&T phones so it is by no means definite or complete, but it certainly is a good indication for Nokia and the Windows Phone platform to see such reactions. So, who else decided to hop aboard the Windows Phone bandwagon after Nokia and HTC strutted their stuff earlier this year?

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