We’re sure that when trying to search for free and open WiFi hotspots, you’ve come across some network names that are pretty creative, sometimes funny, sometimes rude, but usually telling us not-so subtly that we should get our own internet. Well if you’re interested in coming up with some funny network names yourself, you might be interested in the WifiTagger which is a hack that allows you or anyone that connects to the network to change the name. It will accept up to four lines with a max of 32 characters per line. We guess it can even be thought of as digital graffiti.

Basically what the hack does is that it rewrites the firmware of a router of a certain brand/model so that instead of broadcasting a single network name, it will be able to broadcast four separate 32-character messages. If you own that particular model of the router yourself, you can log into it via your smartphone and update the messages whenever you like. In fact the hack has been designed so that anyone in range can connect to the hacked router without a password, renaming the networks to anything they wish. Sounds a bit novel, but it could prove to be fun.

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