The tablet market is definitely a crowded one – at any one time you are able to find dozens of tablets, and with the crazy kind of fragmentation that the Android operating system has (although it does seem to be getting better now), choosing the right kind of tablet for your needs gets more and more challenging. Well, it seems that the Toshiba TabletMan is one of the more recent and definitely zanier efforts in attempting to draw attention away from the hugely successful iPad from Apple.

The Toshiba TabletMan debuted at the SITEX tech conference in Singapore last week, where he was specially suited up in order to help Toshiba with the promotion of its tablet range. Coming in black rubber, electro-luminescent lights, and 11 Toshiba tablets that would certainly remind one all too much of Tron, the Toshiba TabletMan proceeded to tour the city-state, where random folks were asked to record their wishes for the future onto the different tablets. These recordings were automatically uploaded to Toshiba’s YouTube and Facebook accounts for that added viral touch, now how about that?

The Toshiba TabletMan is said to continue his tour of Asia in the coming weeks, although I do wonder its effectiveness in spreading the word.

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