Facebook might have a spanking new mobile share button, so it goes without saying that Twitter does not want to get left behind in the novelty stakes where the hundreds of millions of users of both social networks (although others might say that Twitter is a micro blogging tool instead) are in fierce competition with. Having said that, Twitter has just opened up the doors to their “Share this tweet via email” option which is pretty much self explanatory – basically, this new function allows you to send content to less tech savvy folks. The button will make its appearance in the ‘more’ menu alongside reply, favorite, and retweet. If you were to sit down and digest the implications of this particular option, it might be a powerful method to spread the service as well as convince fence sitters to sign up.

If you do not see this option appear on your Twitter account just yet, be patient. Twitter has said that the service will be rolling out in stages over the coming few weeks. Twitter mentioned that “sometimes you want to share with another group, like your college roommates or your parents or a friend who isn’t yet on Twitter.” Clicking the button on the web will see an in-line email composer appear, while on mobile devices it appears as your native email app pop up. Interested?

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