UGG is a brand probably best known for their shoes, which some could argue is a fashion statement while others might think of it as downright ugly. Either way we’re not talking about shoes today but rather a pair of headphones! It looks like the company is expanding beyond the clothing line and dabbling in electronics with the release of their Great Jones Headphone Ear Muffs. As you might have surmised from its name, these pair of headphones not only function as a pair of headphones, but will double as a pair of ear muffs that should keep your ears nice and toasty during the winter while keeping you entertained at the same time. They certainly look unique (as far as headphones are concerned) and if you don’t mind dropping $85 for a pair, you will be able to pick one up for yourself via Neiman Marcus’ website where they will be offered in a variety of different colors.

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