Are you looking to get your hands on a Microsoft Surface tablet? If you are, you will have to either head on over to a kiosk, Microsoft retail store or buy it online, although the problem with the latter is that you won’t be able to try the tablet out for yourself. Considering that Windows 8 tablets are the first of their kind, we expect that not many people are that eager to become early adopters especially if they don’t get to try it out themselves first. That being said, it seems that in the future, you could walk into a Verizon retail store and purchase the tablet from them. This was discovered by a WPCentral forum member and according to him:

“I went into my local Verizon Wireless this morning and was surprised to see a demo Surface on display. The manager said Microsoft had been keeping it quiet and that they would be selling it soon. He also told me that doesn’t think they’ll be selling a 4G version, only the standard WiFi.”

We agree that it’s a bit odd why Verizon will be selling a device that has nothing to do with them, especially since you can’t really sign a contract for a WiFi tablet, but perhaps Microsoft and Verizon could have struck up some kind of deal where Verizon could get a cut for sales of the Surface in exchange for Microsoft gaining more exposure. Either way we’re not sure if and when Surface tablets will become available via Verizon, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled nonetheless.

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