If you have ever been to Las Vegas, surely you would have fallen in love with the opulence as well as excess in Sin City. One of the more notable hotels along the Strip would be the Bellagio, with its famed musical fountains which offer quite the performance during the evenings. Well, you might not have the kind of cash to head over to the Bellagio anytime soon, but this does not mean you cannot get some water fountain action right in front of you, right?

The Water Dancing Speakers are certainly cool pieces of technology to own, especially when they deliver audio while sprucing up your workspace with more than just fine aesthetics. A quartet of colorful LEDs that are aimed upward will work in tandem with jets of water that bounce along with the beat. Expect the lights to change color at random moments, while the height of the water is determined by the volume and pitch of the sound. These are completely sealed, so no worries about splashing your keyboard with water or having to deal with refills. The Water Dancing Speakers will cost approximately $63 per pair.

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