Going green seems to be the in thing these days, and it looks like the numbers might be able to prove that. Launching in England is the world’s largest community-owned solar project under the Westmill Solar Cooperative. They are claiming to be the world’s largest community-owned solar project by attracting 1,650 investors and raising almost £6 million in just 6 weeks, a pretty impressive feat we’ll have to admit. Taking that money, they have purchased an existing 5MW solar farm near Oxford, a solar farm which managed to generate 4,900MWh of electricity last year. According to Westmill executive Phillip Wolfe:

“Solar power will become the world’s greatest energy source in our lifetime; heralding a new era of sustainable and ‘democratic’ energy supply. As the success of Westmill shows, solar energy enables ordinary people to produce clean power, not only on their roof tops, but also at utility scale.”

[Image credit – Neil Maw]

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