If you are an Xbox Live member who has invested the better part of your last 10 years (or more) with the service, then you will be pleased to hear that Microsoft will be rewarding you with special edition Xbox 360 consoles as well as controllers, sporting a special logo on the side of the console, in addition to a nice aesthetic touch on the disc tray door that is emblazoned with a special “XBL10” plate. This particularly generous gift is meant to celebrate 10 years of Xbox Live that debuted in October 2002, so you can “wear” this as your badge of honor the next time other gamers drop by your place.

My curiosity is stoked – just how much will one of these special edition consoles cost on the second hand market, even as a new and unused console? Will the earliest of adopters on Xbox Live actually give up a part of history for some quick cold, hard cash? Perhaps, as one can never quite tell just how dire one’s financial situation is in this day and age. How much would you pay for a special edition console like this on the open market?

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