The holiday shopping season is upon us with Hanukkah currently underway and other holidays coming up very shortly. Throughout the year, I make it my mission to add anything that I may want for the holidays, my birthday or just because it’s another Monday to my Amazon wish list for my family and friends to know exactly what I want. I sure would get some sweet stuff if they would only look for it, so I’m hoping Amazon’s new “Friends and Family Gifting” program helps get them to finally get that Panty & Stocking figures that I know would look awesome in my office.

Amazon announced today the launch of its Friends and Family Gifting program which allows its users to create gift lifts for the people around you and allows you to keep track of birthdays and special occasions that you share with particular people. After signing up, you’ll be able to select to receive shopping reminders so you’re always prepared for someone’s special day rather than scrambling to buy flowers at a gas station on the way to their party.

The Friends and Family Gifting program is going on now and will hopefully get you more organized to giving gifts for your friends and family, which I hope my friends and family have picked up my heavy hinting throughout this email. If not, BUY ME SOMETHING I WANT!

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