RIM plans to launch Blackberry 10 next year, although we’re sure that from now until then, there have been plenty of Blackberry users who might have jumped ship to Android, iOS or even Windows Phone, but what about remaining Blackberry users? Will they be making the switch? Well according to Scotia Capital analyst Gus Papageorgiou, he has estimated that a good 70% of RIM’s current subscribers might be upgrading to Blackberry 10 which we have to admit is a pretty astounding figure. Ironfire Capital’s Eric Jackson on the other hand offers up a more conservative amount and has estimated that 30-40 million of RIM’s 80 million users will be making the upgrade, and that Blackberry 10 could attract an additional 1 million. Either way seeing 30-40 million users make the upgrade translates to a pretty fast adoption rate, but the question is that will these figures pan out? For RIM’s sake we certainly hope so, but what do you guys think? Anyone planning to jump onto the Blackberry 10 bandwagon?

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