It seems that Apple has refused to license the rights to its Lightning connector so that it can see action in a portable charging station, and so this portable charging station (a Kickstarter project) would mean an early death even before it is able to be conceptualized and roll off the production lines. Donors to this portable charging station would definitely be bummed, but at least they would have gotten their refunds and this might just translate to a little bit of extra handy money to spend this coming Christmas just in case you realized that you were running a little low on cash.

The total amount collected in this Kickstarter-funded project amounted to $139,170, and every single cent will be refunded to donors. Dubbed POP, this minimalist looking portable power station was hailed to be “the intersection of charging design”, and should it have been realized, it will feature a quartet of retractable cords that allows it to juice up a range of devices, ranging from (naturally) iOS and Android-powered devices. The 26,000 mAh battery within can hold enough juice to charge 10 iPhones. What do you think of Appleā€™s move – cool or not?

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