We have seen in the movie Transformers at how the race of alien robots manage to mimic our technology, where some prefer to take on the vehicles of war on land, while others take to the skies. Frankly, I am quite surprised why all of them do not end up as fighter jets, as air superiority is of utmost importance as any general worth his salt would be able to tell you. But I digress, here we are with a Blackhawk helicopter that might just be the army of the future – where it is capable of flying, landing, and perform evasive action sans a pilot.


Yes sir, a fully automatic Blackhawk helicopter that has been given the nickname, Rotorcraft Airscrew Systems Concept Airborne Laboratory, or RASCAL (how cheeky, and we love it), where it has just completed its first test flight at the Diablo Mountain Range in San Jose, California. There were pilots around during the entire two-hour test flight just in case there is a need for an emergency takeover, but I guess they just sat in the cockpit to enjoy the ride. Another case of technology making humans redundant….

Do you think that the army is better off with automatic piloted war machines?

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