As advanced as our smartphone devices and our vehicles have become over the years, it’s still surprising how users who want to hear their favorite tunes, podcasts or audiobooks need to sync their phone or mp3 player to their computer in order to update its contents to then play in their vehicle. You would think by now someone somewhere would have come up with a way to sync your audio files to a device without needing to remember to regularly sync it in order to listen to something new. That’s exactly what Inrete did with its new Automatica smart USB device.

The way Automatica works is it uses the user’s storage services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Microsoft SkyDrive, to automatically sync your audio files to the device on a regular basis to create 24 hours of audio that is created within the device’s local cache.

The first time you set up the Automatica, you’ll choose which podcasts and which cloud services you want associated with the device. From there, Automatica will regularly update itself through your home Wi-Fi as well as any other Wi-Fi connection you come across on your travels.

Inrete’s Automatica is now available for pre-order through their website for $99, which we see as a bargain if you drive a lot on a daily basis and need to keep your audio files updated without the need of a computer.

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