Mom always asked us not to play with our food, but perhaps she did not have the insight to peer into the future where one particular Scott Garner, on a whiff of inspiration, has come up with this rather ingenious piece of work – the BeetBox, a device that transforms vegetables into a drum kit, all made possible courtesy of a Raspberry Pi edible circuitry project.

Basically, the Beetbox will rely on the extremely small Raspberry Pi computer alongside with a capacitive touch sensor and an audio amplifier, ensuring that each beet will generate a sound when touched. Garner explained, “BeetBox is primarily an exploration of perspective and expectations. I’m particularly interested in creating complex technical interactions in which the technology is invisible — both in the sense that the interaction is extremely simple and in the literal sense that no electronic components can be seen.”

There will be a Python script on the Raspberry Pi that translates all the taps your finger gives out to the capacitive touch sensor, triggering a drum noise that is then output through a little amplifier and a speaker located in the lid of the device. Eventually, this is one project that will decay, so make fresh music while possible!

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