Fancy a new pair of headphones for the coming year? Perhaps you might be interested to check out just what BeeWi has in store, which would be the Ghost Bee headphones that is said to be the “ultimate headphone” that allows users to connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled device, and that includes the slew of smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs that are in the market, to any compatible home theater speakers. Sporting a unique design as well as an unmatched elegance, it is the only wireless/wired headphone with a touch panel on the surface of the ear piece in the world, where it will be accompanied by a docking station, and a trio of modes.

In wireless mode, it will obviously connect to any Bluetooth device, while in wired mode, it lets you use Ghost Bee with any audio source. The Hi-Fi docking station will let you listen to your music on your home theater speakers, at the same time juice up your headphones, with the ability to switch automatically between the
speakers and Ghost Bee, like magic. Expect to pick up the WeeBi Ghost Bee for $179.99 sometime in the first quarter of next year, but you can take a closer look at it at the CES showfloor next month.

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