Search engine users who prefer Microsoft’s Bing services instead of Google’s… well, Google service who didn’t need to decide as a result of a blind-search test or through being scared of being “Scroogled” this holiday season have a new feature to look forward to. If you’re the kind of person who performs searches on famous people or places through Bing, Microsoft has expanded its snapshot experience to support those two topics.

Searching for a famous person or place will now deliver not only search results of either the famous person or place, but will also present relevant facts in the center part of the screen. Microsoft used Pablo Picasso as an example, to which we can view additional facts about him such as when he lived, his height, children, spouse and parents. Oh, yea – you can also view his artwork.

Bing’s biggest competitor, Google, has already been delivering this kind of service to its users for some time now, but we’re still glad to see Microsoft offering it to Bing users as it’ll make researching a famous person or place much easier.

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