Nowadays, it isn’t enough to have an external hard drive connected to your computer in order to back up your precious photos of your cats and different meals you’ve had in your neighborhood. Those drives are ticking time bombs as they can literally go down at any minute. That’s why online storage services like Dropbox are so popular these days, but they don’t offer unlimited data. Bitcasa is the only company to offer “Infinite Storage” for only $10 a month and it’s finally going places as it’s announced its support for Android and Windows RT.

Before Bitcasa launched its Android and Windows 8/RT apps, the only way its users could access the service was through its web-based HTML5 site. Now that Android and Windows have their own dedicated app, they can access all of their files while on the go with ease.

iOS and OS X Bitcasa users will have to wait a little bit longer for their chance to enjoy the native-app goodness as the company says those versions are complete and are scheduled to be released towards the beginning of January.

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