So, you have a pretty good idea on what is coming (and what’s not, and WhatsApp would be one of them) or the BlackBerry 10 platform, so why not tease others around you whom you want to rope in for the cause as well with the BlackBerry 10 virtual keyboard? This demonstration that you see above in the form of an animated GIF file will give you a relatively good idea on how the entire typing experience is going to be like. What do you think, will looking at the virtual keyboard help you make up your mind? One thing’s for sure though, there are fence sitters who have been RIM die-hards all this while, but because of necessity at the office and a dying ecosystem, they have made the jump to a different mobile operating system. Perhaps with the demonstration of the BlackBerry 10 virtual keyboard here, things might just help shift them back to where their heart truly belongs. What say you?

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