A couple of days ago we reported that thanks to a leaked image, an alleged photo of the Blackberry 10 N-series was caught on camera. For those hoping for a clearer photo, another image spotted on CNbeta has revealed the front portion of the N-series which as you can see, sports a visibly larger display compared to current Blackberry 7 phones like the Bold 9900. To be fair this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the N-series as renderings of the handset have been spotted before, although hopefully this more “realistic” photo will be enough to help some customers make up their minds as to whether they’d prefer a full screen device like the Z10, or if they want to go back to the good old days with a QWERTY keyboard layout with the N-series. Either way what do you guys think? Would you be getting the N-series or would be go for the full touchscreen experience with the Z10?

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