With the success that Starcraft 2 has had, we’re sure many gamers are looking forward to the expansion, Heart of the Swarm. Now the good news is that if you are one of those eager gamers and have pre-purchased the game digitally via Battle.net before the 20th of December, don’t be surprised if you find an email in your inbox one day informing you that you have been granted beta access to the expansion. Yup, Blizzard is expanding the Heart of the Swarm beta and is now flagging gamers who have pre-purchased the game on or before the 20th of December (originally only for those who bought before or on the 18th of December). This does not mean that if you buy the game today that you won’t get access – Blizzard has revealed that players who pre-purchase the game after the deadline will be able to gain beta access, but they will be added in waves on a weekly basis. Sounds like good news for those who can’t wait to play the game – any of our readers out there who have gotten access to the Heart of the Swarm beta? Let us know in the comments on how you are finding it!

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