Hot on the tails of last week’s release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas onto the PlayStation Network, Rockstar Games hasn’t made just one of its other classic PS2 games available to download, but this week, they’ve released three games.

The PS2 classic games that will be made available onto the PlayStation Network during this week’s PlayStation Store update are Red Dead Revolver, Bully and Midnight Club 3. Each title, when available, will sell for $9.99 each. All three games will be made available in North America today, with releases in Europe and Asia expected tomorrow.

If we had to recommend one of these titles for your hard-earned $10 bucks, we’d recommend Bully as it takes the humor, mission structure and story telling of Grand Theft Auto games and brings them into a private school environment. Although if you already played Bully when it was released for the PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360, then you already know how great of a game it is.

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