It is the year end again, and we would no doubt have our choice of parties to attend to usher in the new year. Depending on where you live, chances are there will be some booze at those parties, and some of us might end up drinking too much for our own good. Well, here is a party accessory that you might want to check out – the Buzzed Buzzer party horn that would find a place in any New Year’s party, although the horn works only when you have reached a certain level of inebriation. Sounds cool, no? This is a rather nifty idea of checking on the level of sobriety of revelers who could otherwise rebel against a breathalyzer examination prior to stumbling off while driving home in a haphazard manner.

The Buzzed Buzzer will rely on an Arduino microcontroller to get the job done, where it has been embedded in a standard party horn, while sporting an alcohol sensor, a wee bit of code, and a bunch of other components, with a tiny lithium polymer battery powering the entire shebang. Definitely far from being as accurate as the real breathalyzer, but at least it offers a level of protection.

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