It’s New Year’s Eve which means you probably spent the majority of your day sitting around in your boxers, possibly watching Netflix, and waiting for the start of tonight’s end-of-the-year festivities to begin. While you were sitting around doing nothing, the Curiosity Rover has been preparing a special message for us Earthlings to be broadcast later today in Times Square.

What the message will be is beyond us as NASA’s Curiosity Rover made his way to his Twitter profile to announce the upcoming “special message from Mars” will be broadcast in Times Square on giant Toshiba screens located in the area.

We’re hoping whatever the message the Curiosity Rover has to share with us is one of peace and harmony and not one of news of Martians hijacking the Curiosity Rover for their own personal use. I mean, a robot like the Curiosity Rover should be worth something on Mars, right? Or maybe it’s just to gloat once again that it’s currently the mayor of Mars and will probably continue his mayorship for some time to come.

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