It has just been announced that Dead Space 3 will support Kinect voice controls, and that can only mean but one thing – the whole idea of co-op play has gotten a whole lot more intimate. It does seem as though Electronic Arts has a real soft spot for the Kinect, and the latest announcement for support for the Xbox 360 peripheral will be the same as to how Mass Effect 3 made use of the Kinect. Single-player as well as the co-op experience will benefit from Kinect voice controls.

The entire gaming experience should then be streamlined, as all players need to do is speak commands such as sharing ammo, or to revive a partner. Hmmm, this seems to be more engaging when you are playing a RPG, as chanting spells adds to an entirely new experience and dimension, no? However, this novel idea might not mean everyone is going to get swept up in the voice control madness, as sometimes, old school button pressing and selection does seem to work fastest and best. After all, when you are in the midst of a tense situation, your pronunciation might not live up to expectations of the software or algorithm.

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