DIY Laptop By Bunnie Huang

Here is a laptop that you might want to consider getting if you are one who loves Do It Yourself projects, and thanks to a rather famous hardware hacker, Bunnie Huang, this is exactly what he had in mind – by constructing an open hardware laptop. The design itself began in June earlier this year, and it was just recently that Bunnie Huang received his first prototype motherboards. It will boot off the Linux environment, and at the moment, he is going through the validation process of all the sub-components.

Basically, Bunnie Huang claims that anyone with enough skill level as well as resources are able to construct something similar. It is rather nice to know that both the hardware as well as its sub-components have been specially picked in order to make it the most open hardware laptop to date with current day technology. You are able to download the datasheets for the entire range of its components, in addition to key peripheral options that are available, making it ideal to construct a complete firmware from source.

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