There is nothing quite like the sound of silence whenever you need some time for yourself, and the noisy world should be kept at bay. Going to a library would definitely help, but sometimes, the whirring of the unserviced ceiling fans as well as footsteps do tend to be a distraction. At home, you cannot really have pure silence unless all electrical items are turned off, and the computer is one of the main culprits. You know what they say, when you want to get something done, you’ve got to do it yourself. This is where Reddit user DeFex comes in, having worked on his DIY silent computer project.

Underneath the hood lies a 65W Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor that delivers its fair bit of processing power, in addition to a solid state drive so that less sound is produced, while increasing performance. Not only that, the entire setup would generate less heat and lack moving parts, which leads to reduced noise and need for fans. Definitely a DIY project that only the skilled should embark on, otherwise we should just sit back and admire such works of tech art.

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