Enter Sandman: Metallica Joins Spotify

Exit light, enter night. The hard rocking four horsemen of Metallica have just announced today that it is bringing its entire song catalog on Spotify. At the Spotify event today in New York, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich shared the stage with Spotify CEO Daniel Ek and Napster co-founder Sean Parker. This is interesting, considering that Metallica previously filed a copyright-infringement lawsuit against Napster, which eventually forced the pioneering peer-to-peer file sharing Internet service to shut down.

At the Spotify event today, Ulrich sort of “buried the hatchet” with Parker and announced that Metallica’s decades-long catalog – nine albums all in all – will be available on Spotify. “We wanted to see what were the best options out there for distribution,” Ulrich said. “Spotify has really solidified itself as not only the leading streaming service but pretty much the only one. We were ready to jump as soon as we took control of our own masters.” Commenting about the band’s feud with Napster, Ulrich says that it was never about the money. “It was just about control,” the rocker added.

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