I personally have a terrible memory, which is why I use Pocket, although I have to admit it isn’t the most popular application for us forgetful types as Evernote has been reigning supreme for years. It’s now turning its sights on the world of food, and as someone who has been asked by his wife “Do you remember what I ate here last time?”, it’s an application I already know will make a difference in my life.

Evernote Food is an application that’s available for iOS and Android that helps its users to remember their food experiences. The app has four sections: Explore Recipes, My Cookbook, Restaurants and My Meals. The Explore Recipes and My Cookbook sections work hand-in-hand as you’ll search for recipes in the Explore Recipes area, which contains “tons” of searchable recipes, and save them in the My Cookbook area.

Restaurants is a section where you can search for and bookmark your favorite places to eat. If you’ve used services such as Yelp!, then you’ll know what to expect from this section. You can even save what you enjoyed at the restaurant to share with your friends, or, like my wife should do, save it so you remember what you ate last time.

Evernote Food is currently available for iOS and Android completely for free, so if you need to remember what you eat or what you plan to eat, you might want to check it out.

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