On a regular basis, my Facebook friends like to go out and tag themselves to show just how much they’re enjoying themselves while I’m stuck at home with pneumonia. But when my lungs get back to normal, I’d love to go to their favorite places, eat and drink what they enjoyed in their previous trip, and make believe I’m having as much fun as they were last week. With Facebook’s “Nearby” update that’s rolling out today, I’ll be one step closer to stalking what my friends have been enjoying while I had the black lung.

In today’s update available on iOS and Android devices, Facebook is introducing its Nearby feature which allows users to browse local places their friends have recommended, checked into or liked. Nearby will have categories of businesses you can browse, like Restaurants, where you can view only a particular category in Nearby.

Facebook users can also use Nearby to share places by rating or recommending them to your friends.

When you tap on a business, it will not only display the business’ location and business hours, but it will also display any recommendations or check-ins your friends have shared in the past. This would be especially good to know if you’re trying to avoid someone and see they tag it on a daily, even hourly basis.

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