Garmin has issued an update to its Navigon software (iOS and Android) that adds Glympse and Foursquare support. Foursquare is a social game in which you compete with your friends by “checking in” various places. You can earn points, badges and ultimately a shot at becoming the “Mayor” of those locations. Foursquare is also handy to save and find cool places to visit.Glympse on the other hand is a bit more serious: it lets you send a “live” notification to select friends about your whereabouts. This notification will be limited in time: typically long enough for a trip. During that time, your friends will be able to know where you’re at. A use case for this is to send a Glympse notification from Navigon when you have an appointment with someone. Your contact will be able to see how far you are and when you will arrive.

If you are not familiar with Navigon, it is a turn-by-turn navigation software that has features not present in free default alternatives like lane guidance and speed limit warnings.

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