We love Gmail, even though Google has stopped offering free versions of its Google Apps for businesses. Today, Google is announcing three new features that makes the entire Gmail experience faster and easier. First, Gmail now supports the “Send and archive” feature which basically adds an email directly to the archives after sending it. The second nifty addition is the“Default reply to all” feature which allows users to automatically reply to all people included in the thread. Last but not the least is the ability to quote selected texts within Gmail. This lets Gmail users highlight important texts from the email and specifically send a reply to it. These three features are fresh from the Gmail Labs, and Google is finally making these features available today by default.

Send and archive, Quote selected text and Default reply to all graduate from Gmail Labs

The option to add Send and archive and Default reply to all to compose and reply are now both available by default. These time-saving features are useful if you often send and then immediately archive or always reply to everyone.

In addition, Quote selected text’s graduation means that when you highlight text from an email you want to include in your reply, and then click reply, the compose template will be just what you selected.

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