We all know about the Terminator movie series, but if you were a goose, surely you will hear of the Goosinator robot soon. No, this is not one robot that eliminates geese for fun, but rather, the Goosinator is a bright orange colored robot that is being tested at the moment to ensure that geese do not loaf around the same place for too long a time. Basically, a single goose is capable of dropping a minimum of one pound of poop each day, and when you multiply that by flock after flock, and it would have turned out to be a gross and expensive problem.

Normally, dogs were used to discourage the geese, but these is an expensive solution that amounts up to $500 a day, so this is where the Goosinator comes in handy. Basically, the Goosinator is a remote-controlled, battery-powered robot which is made from orange foam, and has been painted to resemble a devilish, grinning beast, ambling along at up to 25 miles per hour. This is definitely a humane manner of returning wildlife back to the wild, and each Goosinator costs around $3,000 each.

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