If computing giant IBM’s assertions are correct, then the PCs of the future will be more and more like us humans, in the sense that advancements made in the realm of artificial intelligence would soon see computers mimic the five human senses, including sight, hearing, and touch. Well, all of this sure sounds like a pipe dream as at press time, but IBM’s annual list of innovations claim that would happen, and in the process, usher in a change in the world of computing within five years. IBM has hailed the development as an “era of cognitive systems”, touting that it will deliver totally new ways for humans and PCs to interact with one another.

IBM’s statement mentioned, “This new generation of machines will learn, adapt, sense and begin to experience the world as it really is. This year’s predictions focus on one element of the new era, the ability of computers to mimic the human senses–in their own way, to see, smell, touch, taste, and hear.”

One can only imagine the kind of multiple commercial applications that such breakthroughs could have, including driving the mobile commerce industry. Do you think 5 years is enough time for such a future to happen?

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