Ever wondered what exactly it was that Apple and HTC agreed upon that led to both companies ending the dispute against each other? It wasn’t too long ago that a judge ordered Apple to hand over to Samsung the details of the agreement, a move which we’re sure Apple wasn’t too pleased about as it could have an effect on future negotiations with Samsung (assuming Samsung is willing to play ball). Well if you’re curious as to what sort of patents both Apple and HTC had agreed upon in their agreement, that may soon come to light as Judge Lucy Koh was ruled that while details such as pricing and royalty rates should be kept from the eyes of public as it could put either Apple or HTC at a disadvantage in future negotiations with another company, this apparently does not hold true with the rest of the agreement. Basically what this means is that the patents that Apple and HTC have agreed upon and licensed with one another can be revealed to the public because according to Koh, “there is nothing in the remainder of the agreement that presents a sufficient risk of competitive harm to justify keeping it from the public.”

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